Researching the Community

Understanding the infrastructure and proximity to essential services can help you make the best purchasing decisions. 

Where to Build?

Deciding where to build your new home is an exciting part of the journey. When you live in a great community that allows you and your family to thrive. This will help you experience greater enjoyment and improved physical and mental health over the years to come.

Out of all the decisions you make, this is certainly one of the biggest. Choose carefully. 

Community Facilities

Community facilities include parks playgrounds barbecue areas, open spaces gardens and sporting facilities.

If you have a young family or are planning on having a young family the opportunity to live in a community with modern playground playgrounds and safe and well-designed play equipment will give you greater peace of mind and help encourage children to get outdoors and enjoy a healthy lifestyle.

Building in New Estates

Building in a new estate has the benefit of offering brand new facilities and community services that have contemporary designs and features. Major land developers have the advantage of many years’ experience in putting together communities that are designed for young families, which is often reflected in the parks and public spaces.

New estates are often referred to as ‘greenfields’. This refers to the idea that the area is being built upon for the first time, making construction a relatively simple process.

Established Neighbourhoods

Building a new home in a vacant block in an existing neighbourhood is popular. In many cases, this occurs after property owners subdivide their land and open up new rear loaded lots for sale.

Building in an established area has the advantage of providing certainty about the surrounds, however, construction may be more complicated due to restrictions caused by existing property and people.


Shopping Precinct

The shopping precinct in your local area will be more than a place to pick up your weekly groceries. Modern and well-designed shopping areas are places where people can meet and have fun shared experiences in cafes restaurants and bars.

It's important to look at the local shopping precinct to make sure it has everything that you need within an easy distance. In many estates, the shopping precinct may be shown on the master plan, so even though it hasn't been built yet it is possible to get an idea of what their future will hold.

While it’s great to have a shopping precinct nearby, keep in mind you don’t want to be too close and have to deal with the access noise from increased traffic flows. 


Transport Infrastructure

Having access to public transport such as buses and trains will give you and your family greater flexibility in the future and also add to the value of your property.

Being located close to major highways and freeways will also add to the attractiveness of your property as these aspects are generally high on the list of a buyer’s checklist.

Again, ideally you want these options nearby, but not so close that they cause noise pollution or expose your property to antisocial behaviour.


First Homebuyers

For people who are buying their first home in WA there may be opportunities to get a financial boost in different ways. You may be eligible for the first homeowner’s grant.

A first homeowner may also be able to receive a reduction in stamp duty when buying the property.

Information on calculating how much first-time owners can expect can be found at the following website:

Education Options

Having access to quality childcare, primary and high school facilities is another important consideration. This is especially true if you have a young family and you will be using their local facilities the local education facilities.

Being in the local catchment area of your school will help children to meet and you friends in the neighbourhood who will also be classmates at the local school. Being located within walking or bike riding distance is another benefit that can save time in the future and add to a sense of community and well-being.


Internet Connections

Locations vary in their internet capacity, so be sure to research the network strength in the area you are considering. It is worth searching for internet speeds using the NBN website.


Mobile Reception

While mobile coverage is strong throughout the metropolitan area, some new land estates will sometimes need to wait to have their coverage optimized.

In some cases, there are mobile dead spots, so be sure to check carefully, especially if mobile coverage is an important part of your work requirements.



Some communities are close to smelly places such as rubbish tips, water treatment facilities and industrial areas. In most cases, the smell generated by the places will differ depending on the wind direction.

If you think this may be an issue, be sure to do your own aerial survey using Google Maps, and speak to locals in the area before you purchase your land as they will have firsthand experience.



Insects can be an issue during different times of the year. Again, if you feel this might be a problem, it would be worth asking local residents if they issues with insects such as mosquitos and flies, as these can hamper your lifestyle at different times of the year. 


Online Communities

These days many neighbourhoods and communities will have their own group on social media sites such as Facebook and NextDoor. It's a good idea to join one of these so you can see the type of community interactions that are happening and the types of issues being discussed.